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"He wasn't no common dog, he wasn't no mongrel; he was a composite. A composite dog is a dog that is made up of all the valuable qualities that's in the dog breed—kind of a syndicate; and a mongrel is made up of all riffraff that's left over."

- Mark Twain


Passed suddenly Summer of 2022.

McCrae was a 75 pound, 23 inch high, blue merle with dark brown eyes.


He was ALWAYS smiling! 

Life Like McCrae

Original Song Lyrics by Teryn

(A work in progress) 

Tell me what is life made of?

If you could have the choice...

What are you afraid of?

If I just had a voice...

If I could tell you one thing,

One small thing that I know...

Spend everyday smiling,

And it's ok to let go. 

You're the one that I live for.

What more could I ask for?

Time's not the same for...

Life Like McCrae

There will never be another like McCrae.


The dog who started it all. 

We will miss you FOREVER.


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